Saturday, March 12, 2005

Welcome to IndustrialRustic's Natural Building Photo Gallery

Natural Building must be experienced. These pictures are my poor reminders of my wonderful experiences seeking out "them thats doing" the art and science of Natural Building. This picture, for instance, is looking out under the eaves of the PeaceWeavers' partially completed ceremonial lodge in Bath, NY. The picture doesn't do justice to the incredible structure built by SunRay Kelley and the 2004 Natural Building Colloquium East crew.

Even really good photos like Catherine Wanek's are a poor substitute for standing in a space sculpted from the stuff of Creation. The stories don't tell of God making man out of sheetrock and 2x4s. We are told that our ancestors were molded from the dust, with loving hands, and the breath of life breathed into us, like these buildings.
The purpose of this photo gallery is not to "show" you what Natural Building is, but to tease you into seeking it out for yourself. If you are like me, already a fan but snowed in in Cleveland, I hope these pictures help scratch that itch and feed the dreams.
Elsewhere in my web you will find a (sadly incomplete) calendar of Natural Building workshops. When you hear about events that should be on this calendar or take pictures you would like shared, send them to me at

Here's mud between your toes!

Chris McClellan